Monday, August 5, 2013

The Tools of the Trade #1

Losing your tools. 

There is a team building exercise to should how much we rely on our senses. It requires the participants to describe an object to another person with one or more of their ability being restricted. It very clearly shows how much we may rely on visual clues or that we may need things described to us to understand. We take these things for granted until they are taken away from us. Logic dictates that it applies to world of photography and I found that out this year. 

I dropped my iPad and shattered it  earlier in the year. And no, I didn't have Apple care so it would have cost me $300 to repair it (I have been thoroughly chastised already so save the comments!). It was still functional (if you consider looking at everything through a shattered glass functioning) so needless to say, I wasn't going to cough up $300 for something that still worked. I'm not rich yet (my $1,000,000 check keeps getting sent to the wrong address...go figure). Unfortunately, I started getting some dead spots so it was time but by the time I decided to get it fixed, I had all but stopped using it out of frustration. I repaired the tablet this weekend and immediately felt like I had been reunited with an old friend! 

I hadn't realized just how much I used this thing! I respond to emails on it. I type blog post like this on it. I create fliers for promotions. And very importantly, I watch videos on new techniques and gear. And that just on the train ride in! I also use it for client demos, image checking in the field, and a myriad of other apps that make my life easier. It increases my productivity and is a great tool. This is by no means a testimonial for iPads however. There are other tablets out there that are just as good and some that are better. This is a blog about the stuff that helps us do the things that we do and we take them for granted. 

I'll be starting a new series on the tools that I use that are not actual cameras. I think that it's helpful to see the whole picture because photographers don't just pick up a camera and start shooting. There are a lot of tools in the mix that don't ever get talked about. Hope you enjoy. 

On to the next frame...staying in focus. 

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