Thursday, June 28, 2012

do overs...

Every kid has played a game in their life (at least I hope they have) and messed up in some fashion. A misstep in double dutch, a bad swing in baseball, a slip in pitty pat. And just when you think it's over and it is the turn of the NEXT person, you hear the ubiquitous battle cry of the playground...
"DO OVER!!!"
Cue argument and pleading!

The fact of the matter is we all live with something that we would love to do over. These are not necessarily regrets but things that we'd love to again. Life gives us a different perspective to the things that we experienced earlier in our days. It can be as simple as watching a movie that you LOVED as a kid (I advise not doing this makes you wonder what the hell you were thinking back then), or going back to favorite place again. For me, it has taken the form of wanting to retake EVERY picture that I took before I started learning more about photography.

I wonder if all photogs go through this? I traveled a lot with my wife when we were not parents. We went to some fun places. For our honeymoon, we went to the most photographed place in the world, Italy! I look at our pictures from that trip and YEARN to return and retake everyone of those shots!!

Recently, I got an opportunity redo a shot that I took years ago. There is this brook in a place called Frost valley that I wanted to photograph. I got a chance to and took the shot ...and it sucked. I learned how to shoot running water and recently purchased the equipment to do it properly. I returned to the same stream, changed my point of view, used proper technique, and VOILA!! I love the shot. Here is the before and after. Next up, back to Italy!!
The "Before" image
The New Image "Frosted Stream"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy daughter dance

I have been a photographer for years but professionally for about 4 years. It has been a great ride and Greene Light Photography is growing. I really enjoy everything that I do and most of all, I enjoy preparing for gallery shows in November...oh yeah, my next show will be in November! LOL Out of all of the types of 'jobs' that I get, I truly enjoy weddings. That is something that you won't hear a LOT of photographers say! Weddings are lucrative but they are A LOT OF WORK! Most photogs don't enjoy it.

One of the moments in every wedding that touches me is the Father/Daughter dance. It's such a special moment and every time we get to that dance, I loose myself in the experience. I have been a father for almost as long as I have been a pro. Each time I see a bride step to the center of the floor to dance with her daddy, I fast forward to a day when i will do the same with MY daughter. I am transported so deep into thought that I OFTEN have to remind myself to take pictures of the ACTUAL dance happening before me!

Interestingly, that results in BETTER photos. I channel all of the emotion that I am feeling at that moment and take shots that I think that reflect that love that a father feels at that time. That's what makes a photographer great! Being able to understand what emotion that photo is supposed to convey and try to capture it. After all, isn't a photo supposed to remind you of how you felt in that moment? When it happens, it's magical! Hopefully, I can keep capturing those images and hopefully, it's for one of you!

Onto the next frame...staying in focus!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The New Look for Greene Light Photography!

Welcome the new look for Greene Light Photography! New Content! New CONTESTS! New Offers! Look out for: Monday Mantra - quotes about photography, just for inspiration! Wordless Wednesdays - a GLP original image to brighten your day and for your comments. Thursday Tips - helpful photography tips from the GLP and other trusted sources. Friday Friends - every week we will spotlight the website of a friend of GLP. Let me know if you want to featured! This Summer, let Greene Light be your source for ALL your photography needs!