Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy daughter dance

I have been a photographer for years but professionally for about 4 years. It has been a great ride and Greene Light Photography is growing. I really enjoy everything that I do and most of all, I enjoy preparing for gallery shows in November...oh yeah, my next show will be in November! LOL Out of all of the types of 'jobs' that I get, I truly enjoy weddings. That is something that you won't hear a LOT of photographers say! Weddings are lucrative but they are A LOT OF WORK! Most photogs don't enjoy it.

One of the moments in every wedding that touches me is the Father/Daughter dance. It's such a special moment and every time we get to that dance, I loose myself in the experience. I have been a father for almost as long as I have been a pro. Each time I see a bride step to the center of the floor to dance with her daddy, I fast forward to a day when i will do the same with MY daughter. I am transported so deep into thought that I OFTEN have to remind myself to take pictures of the ACTUAL dance happening before me!

Interestingly, that results in BETTER photos. I channel all of the emotion that I am feeling at that moment and take shots that I think that reflect that love that a father feels at that time. That's what makes a photographer great! Being able to understand what emotion that photo is supposed to convey and try to capture it. After all, isn't a photo supposed to remind you of how you felt in that moment? When it happens, it's magical! Hopefully, I can keep capturing those images and hopefully, it's for one of you!

Onto the next frame...staying in focus!


Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

Daddy daughter dances get me every time. Especially now as I think about my daughter dancing with her father some day

Annamaria said...

Yea they get me also. I actually purposely asked our DJ to please cut the Father- Daughter Dance short cuz I knew I would lose it. Then when I felt myself starting I "cut in" on my own dance & started dancing with my brother"

Hayden said...

It's VERY emotional. Even for the onlookers!